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Immigration Medical Exam

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I-693 Immigration Medical Examination


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a medical examination as part of the entry and/or residency application process.


The medical exam requirements are determined by the USCIS guidelines. The components of each medical examination vary based on the age of the applicant and whether the applicant can provide written immunization records.


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Immigration Medical Exams

An immigration medical examination typically includes:

  1. A complete medical examination by a civil surgeon, an approved and official provider of the USCIS Medical Exam.

  2. A)  tuberculin (TB) skin test and interpretation

      1. The patient must return to the clinic 2 days (48-72 hours)
        after the skin test is applied for interpretation. 

      2. A skin test is considered "positive" if there is a reaction of 5mm or more.  Anyone with a "positive" skin test must have a chest x-ray.  If the applicant has a history of a positive TB skin test or has had a BCG vaccine, our physicians and medical assistants will discuss the governmental requirements and steps to be taken with you.



      B) A Quantiferon TB Gold blood test.  Results are typically available in 48-72 hours.  If the tests come back reactive/positive, a chest x-ray is required.


  3. A blood test for syphilis.

  4. Immunizations such as:

    A. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and
    B. Tetanus Diptheria and Pertussis (Tdap)
    C. Varicella


Please note that the testing and immunizations needed will vary from the list above for persons younger than 15 or older than 55 years of age.


Schedule an Appointment

An appointment is required for all immigration medical examinations.


The testing listed above will take approximately 1-2 hours.  Please keep in mind that you will need to return to our facility two days (48-72 hours) after your initial visit to have your skin test read. 






Day of Your Medical Exam & Address

The day of your appointment you will need to bring:

  1. Passport

  2. Any vaccination records, blood tests and chest x-ray results you may have including records of bloodwork within the past 6 months, chest x-ray within the past 6 months or TB skin test within the past 6 months.  (This could save you money)

  3. Payment is due in full the day of the appointment.  We accept the following forms of payment:

    a. Cash
    b. Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express
    c. Check

    We do not accept insurance for immigration medical examinations

*We provide paperwork for filing and have the USCIS I-693 form and supplemental form to the I-693 at our office.


Two Days After Your Initial Appointment

If you will be getting a TB skin test on the day of your initial appointment you will need to return to our office 2 days (48-72 hours) after the skin test is applied and do not need an appointment to have the PPD read.  The process from the time of your exam to the completion of the paperwork is approximately 2 –4 days.  If a chest x-ray is required, the process occasionally takes a few days longer.


Two envelopes will be given to the patient:

  1. One envelope containing the original paperwork is signed, sealed and to be given to the USCIS office (or to the applicant’s attorney, if he/she has one). DO NOT OPEN THIS ENVELOPE.

  2. The unsealed, unsigned envelope is for the patient and it contains a copy of the I-693 and supplemental form, a copy of the vaccination record and a copy of the labwork.

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