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Michigan Avenue Immediate Care
180 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 1605 Chicago, IL 60601 New browser window


Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Phone   (312) 201-1234
Fax       (312) 201-1202


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Immediate Care and Urgent Care

Immediate Care is defined as medical care that accommodates patients who “need to see a doctor now” but who do not have a life-threatening condition warranting an emergency room visit. No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are expected and welcome because these non-emergency conditions are unpredictable yet medical attention is necessary.  Patients must be aware that an immediate care center is not appropriate for very serious or life-threatening conditions.


Urgent care" is a phrase commonly used throughout the United States and considered by many as synonymous with 'Immediate Care'. However, until January 15, 2015, the phrase 'urgent care' was differentiated from the phrase "immediate care" in the state of Illinois for its potential ambiguity and the implication that a facility was equipped to handle true emergencies. The Act now reads: (b) No person, facility, or entity shall hold itself out to the public as an "emergi-" or "emergent" care center or use any similar term, as defined by rule, that would give the impression that emergency medical treatment is provided by the person or entity or at the facility unless the facility is the emergency room of a facility licensed as a hospital under the Hospital Licensing Act or a facility licensed as a freestanding emergency center under the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act. This Section does not prohibit a person, facility, or entity from holding itself out to the public as an "urgi-" or "urgent" care center.

180 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 1605 Chicago, IL 60601, Phone: (312)201-1234, Fax: (312)201-1202, Email

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